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To Register

All race teams must be a registered member of the Super Truck Series prior to any racing; You can register track side on a scheduled race date. Yearly renewal required.

2024 Registration Deadline  Feb 28/2024 (Truck Teams can register after deadline with a cost penalty and no guarantee that your preferred number will be available)

Team registering must have a physical race truck in possession to register and to have a dedicated truck number held.

Minimum age to drive in this series is 16 years old. There will be a minimum 2 years of racing experience required where lap times are comparable to what the slower trucks are. Representatives from this series along with the driver will have to agree and sign the registration form. This will be to acknowledge that they will be on a trial basis for the first few races. This is to ensure talent level and not create issues with the current drivers.  

By registering with the Series also acknowledges permission for the series to use all pictures/videos taken of the Team, Driver , Race Truck, and all Racing Actions; for the purpose of advertising and promoting of the Canadian Super Truck Racing Series.

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